New Year’s Resolutions for your Car

The New Year’s Resolutions for your CarNew Year is almost here. For many people, that means it is time to set a resolution for something they want to accomplish in 2017. If you’re not sure what you would like to change, here are five New Year’s resolutions for your car to consider.

  1. Drive distraction-free. Make 2017 the year of safe driving. Put your phone away and focus your attention on your driving. You might be surprised how much better you get behind the wheel.
  2. Drive more efficiently. This goal will help you accomplish two things: you’ll save money on gas and be a calmer driver. One of the biggest wastes of fuel is aggressive driving. Relax and be a courteous driver and you’ll spend less on gas.
  3. Take care of your car. If you take care of your car using its recommended maintenance schedule, you can potentially avoid a lot of major repairs. This means, get your oil changed, tires rotated, filters changed, and more, all on time. Look in your owner’s manual for the schedule.
  4. Buckle up. Enforce a strict seatbelt rule in your car. Make everyone buckle up, no matter their age, before you start driving.
  5. Learn basic maintenance. Learn how to change a tire, change your oil, or other basic maintenance procedures.

Are you planning to attempt any of these car-themed resolutions next year?

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